VULMS LOGIN 2023 – Virtual Univerity Login

The Virtual University Learning Management System, or VULMS for short, is a comprehensive online tool that gives virtual university students the simplest way to manage their academic tasks and activities, such as uploading assignments, watching video lectures, and keeping track of their personal and academic records, among other things.

The web and mobile application versions of VULMS are available to students of the virtual university. To access VULMS, go to vu lms edu pk or download the mobile app from the Google Play store.

The technological foundation of your academic career is provided by VULMS. It is a digital platform that has been carefully created to expedite academic exchanges, offer course materials, promote communication, and enhance learning. To enable seamless interaction and engagement with the course material, VULMS centralizes various tools and resources.


The Virtual University Learning Management System, as its name suggests, enables students at the virtual university to access, manage, and optimize their educational experience. This includes the ability to study in a virtual classroom, download/upload assignments, take quizzes, form study groups, ask teachers for help and guidance, make sticky notes, view and update personal information, and keep track of fees while at home.

Whatever your demands are as a student at the virtual university, the VULMS is adequate to meet them. You can monitor your progress with the VULMS by taking online classes, participating in group discussions, uploading assignments, and taking quizzes. You can use this platform to connect and study online while also keeping track of your academic tasks and activities. It gives you a report on your progress and the amount of work you have completed or postponed.

vulms login


  • Visit to get started.
  • You’ll need to enter your vu lms login id and password on the login screen.
  • You’ll be sent to a dashboard after logging in that lists your courses and any pertinent notifications.
  • To access the resources for a particular course, choose it under the “Courses” tab.
  • On the course page, there is a ton of information, including lecture videos, handouts, and assignments.
  • To take part in online discussions and quizzes, select the appropriate tabs from the course page.
  • Use the instructions found in the “Assignments” section to submit your work.
  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the course, you can contact your professor directly through the message system.
  • Remember to submit your homework by the due date.
  • Learn everything there is to know about VULMS so you can make the most of your study time.

You can access and manage the following when you log into VULMS:

  • Course Materials
  • Online courses and tests
  • Assignments
  • Team Discussion Board Notifications/Announcements Graded Discussion Board, Moderate Discussion Board 
  • Student Account Section Activity Log

How Does a VULMS Student Login Work?

You must have an ID and password that the institution has issued in order to access it. To rapidly address the issues and cater to the needs of virtual university students, a platform known as VU-LMS was developed.

You must have a current student ID or pass in order to access your student portal when you go to the VU-LMS website or connect with its application software. After entering your login details per the instructions in the sections mentioned above, you can monitor, manage, and control your academic obligations and activities.

Keep in mind that the login details were issued by the university administration. If you forget your previous ID or password, you can acquire a new one straight away.

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VULMS Login Forget Password

Don’t worry if you forget your password:

  • Find and click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page.
  • To reset your password, enter your Student ID or username and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You’ll get email instructions on how to securely reset your password.

VU LMS Features

VULMS Mobile Application

For VULMS students, Virtual University created and made available a mobile app that makes it simple for them to access course materials from their phones. The app is simple to use and provides rapid access to discussion boards and announcements.

VULMS User Experience

The user interface for VULMS has been updated to make it more simple to use and intuitive. Thanks to the redesigned layout, students may easily discover the information they need.

VULMS Program Design

The course design has been changed by Virtual University to make it more interesting and interactive. The new design contains multimedia components including films, animations, and interactive quizzes to enhance learning enjoyment and effectiveness.

VULMS Course Materials

To make sure that it is up-to-date and pertinent, Virtual University has revised its course material. The institution has launched new courses in cutting-edge disciplines like cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence.

VULMS Accessibility

The goal of Virtual University is to make education accessible to everyone. In 2023, the university made considerable adjustments to increase the accessibility of VULMS for students with disabilities. It works with other screen readers, assistive technologies, and screen readers in general.

One of the best things about the Virtual University LMS is its accessibility. I can access my courses and study materials from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility is a game-changer for students like me who have busy schedules.

— Ali​


  • Watch lectures on audio or video.
  • Get Books, Notes, & Documents Online, etc.
  • Download/Upload Tasks.
  • Take online courses and tests.
  • Online discussions and group projects.
  • Ask for guidance from the teachers.
  • Keep track of and update personal data.
  • Monitor your academic and financial records.
  • View and download the fee certificates.
  • See the class schedules.
  • Obtain past exams, tasks, quizzes, and notes, among other things.
  • Monitor Your Academic Progress.
  • Keep a Personal Journal and Take Sticky Notes.

The VULMS is an all-encompassing study platform that, owing to all of the previously mentioned features and benefits, not only enables students to communicate with their institution and virtual classes but also manages a variety of educational duties and activities without physically visiting the university.

Simply put, the VU LMS grants you remote access to your department or virtual classroom, enabling you to take online courses, work on group projects with classmates, post assignments, request professor assistance, and much more.

This learning management system is actually the virtual university’s top effort to aid and assist its students in bettering their learning processes. There’s no denying that it has converted the virtual learning paradigm into a physical classroom because it allows students to access, manage, and take charge of study-related duties and activities from home.

How Can I Submit my work on the VULMS Portal?

The VULMS student website makes it very easy to submit work. Follow the steps given below to submit your assignment and work to VIULMS.

  • To access your VULMS student portal, use your VULMS student login.
  • After logging in, go to the course where you want to turn in your assignment.
  • Find the task or the location where you must submit your work.
  • Click on it to show the assignment or section.
  • To be sure you know what is required, carefully read the instructions.
  • Ensure that your work is properly formatted, and prepare it in accordance with the guidelines.
  • If necessary, you may also choose to attach the file once your work is finished instead of just typing your response in the box provided. Depending on, make the appropriate decision.
  • If you need to attach a file, click the “Attach File” option, look it up on your device, and then choose it.
  • Double-check your work to make sure everything is as you want it to be.
  • Click the “Submit” button one more time to submit your work to the VULMS student portal.

VULMS Opportunities For Students

  • Gain a Degree: The Virtual University of Pakistan provides a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a number of subjects, including business, computer science, education, psychology, and more. From the convenience of your own home, you can enroll in a degree program and receive a credential that is recognized.
  • Take individual courses: You can take individual courses to expand your knowledge in a particular topic area if you don’t want to complete a full degree program. You can enroll in a variety of online courses through the Virtual University of Pakistan, both for credit and non-credit.
  • Join Seminars and Workshops: Attend virtual University of Pakistan online seminars and workshops on a range of subjects, including business, education, technology, and more. These gatherings offer a fantastic opportunity to hear from subject matter experts and are accessible to anybody who wishes to attend.
  • Use online resources: The Virtual University of Pakistan gives you access to a variety of online materials, such as research articles, e-books, and videos, to help you advance your knowledge and abilities.
  • Be a part of Virtual World: A strong online community of students, teachers, and alumni exists at the Virtual University of Pakistan. Joining this group will allow you to connect with others who share your interests, share your experiences, and gain knowledge from others.

VULMS Moderated Discussion Board

Teachers and students can interact via the Moderated Discussion Board (MDB). You can post questions on the lecture on this platform, and your teacher will answer them within a day. Please follow the steps listed below to communicate clearly:

  • Using the Vulms student login provided to you by the virtual institution, access the LMS.
  • Locate the course or subject that your question pertains to. Open the lesson that deals with the topic of your inquiry. This could be a particular course, topic, or module.
  • Your inquiry should include a title that conveys the primary idea in a clear and succinct manner. Include information about your question, any relevant context, or references to particular lectures, in the post’s body. To make your question easier to read, consider breaking it up into paragraphs or bullet points.
  • Click the “Submit” or “Post” button to send your inquiry to the MDB once you are satisfied with it.
  • Your teacher and other students will now be able to see your query. You’ll have to wait while your teacher considers and addresses your question. Please be aware that the teacher may take up to 24 hours to respond.
  • You will be notified on your LMS when your teacher responds to your inquiry. To view the reply, go back to the MDB and find your thread. You can seek further explanation or participate in a conversation with your teacher and fellow students if necessary.
  • Make sure your interactions with other participants in the MDB are respectful and supportive of a productive learning environment. Keep your voice pleasant, ask questions out of real curiosity, and, if necessary, offer helpful criticism.
  • Within the same thread, you can react to the teacher’s response if you have any more queries or clarification requests. If the MDB has this option, you can flag the thread as resolved if your question has been satisfactorily addressed.

Keep in mind that the MDB is intended to support and facilitate intellectual discourse. Utilize this platform to its fullest to improve your learning and to ask questions about material covered in lectures.

How to Take the  Quiz on learning management system vu?

The steps below should be followed to effectively complete a quiz in the Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Utilize your login information to access the LMS.
  • Navigate to the course or subject you want to take the quiz in.
  • Within the course interface, look for the “Quiz” option or link and click it.
  • You will see a list of questions or a question displayed one at a time on the quiz page.
  • Ensure that you comprehend the question by thoroughly reading it.
  • Choose the best response from the list of alternatives or adhere to any special instructions.
  • Click “Next” or “Submit” to proceed to the next question after selecting your response.
  • Remember that quizzes are often unidirectional, so once you go on to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous one.
  • When answering a question, avoid hitting the back button on your browser or refreshing the page because doing so could halt your progress or lead you to lose your answers.

Keep track of the quiz scores and any other guidance the LMS may have given you regarding your performance.


How can I stay up to date about VU announcements?

In the VULMS, professors can post announcements with information that students should be aware of. For the most recent information, often check the dashboard announcements page.

If you want to get crucial news through email, it’s a good idea to keep your email address up to date in your account settings.

Can I use VULMS on a tablet or a phone?

Due to its responsive design, it may be visited via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can access this portal and carry out a variety of functions, including browsing the course materials and taking part in conversations, using the web browser on your mobile device.

There might also be a mobile app made exclusively for students, depending on the services the university offers.


The university’s VULMS has revolutionized online learning in Pakistan. By including new features in 2023, VULMS has become more efficient and user-friendly. The mobile app, user interface, and course design all received updates on the Virtual University’s VULMS platform. This might be the solution you’ve been looking for.